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Fermentation vessels for sale (1000 gallon total capacity)


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Our next door neighbors, No-Li Brewhouse (Spokane, WA) are selling 5 fermentation vessels. They have been employed as primary fermentation vessels (beer) for two years. Two will be available late-April, two more will be available mid-to late-summer. The last vessel will be available in the fall. We are replacing the vessels with cylindro-conical fermenters. They are asking $12,000 each.


  • fabricated by Malrex (2009, UK, http://www.malrexfabrication.co.uk/)

  • 304 stainless steel

  • 1000 gallon total capacity

  • standpipe and drain ports and valves (2" TC)

  • atmospheric, closed-top with manway on top

  • insulated and jacketed – one rectangular glycol zone

  • CIP arm w/ 1.5” TC fitting and sprayball

  • 25 degree conical bottom (similar to dish bottom)

  • 9' 2” tall; 5' 9” wide

  • stainless outer shell

  • vacuum and pressure relief valve

Will send pics.

Please contact Damon Scott at damon.nolibrewhouse@gmail.com

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