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380 Liter Still with 6" Column for sale

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We have upgraded to a larger system and have our 380 liter still for sale. 6" column with 4 copper bubble cap plates. Still has 5, 2" tri clamp fittings in boiler for your heating elements although we have never used more than 4, 5500 watt elements to heat the still. 2" tri clamp port for drain in bottom and 2, 2" tri clamp fittings on top for temp probe or whatever else you might want to put there.
We typically distill with a 100 gallon charge. I usually use 2 sections and plates to make our corn whiskey moonshine which recently won a silver medal at the 2015 ADI competition.
Not interested in shipping. Still will be cleaned and can be picked up here at our location in Osage Beach, Missouri. $4,500 for all.
If you have questions please post here or message me here and I will respond soon as possible. Thanks.





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I have emailed those of you who asked to be emailed. Have yet to hear back from any of you. I'm guessing the inquiries must be spam. If you are interested in the still call me at the distillery. The number is easy to find. Google is your friend.

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