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We have a program with a local University, in which they refer interns to us. They recently referred a student to us that was under 21. That brings up some problems legally here. He is from Brazil and legal to drink there (not that it matters). Thoughts on how or if we could utilize him? Can't really do distilling, as he would have to taste. Not sure we could use him for sales, since he won't be able to adequately describe the taste. He is a Chem. major at the college and has access to a gas chromatography lab.



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We have a 16 year old lady that helps with general stuff, including bottling. We have a contract with her. Her parents signed off also per our lawyers suggestion too. Iowa is a "Right to work state" so that helps out, probably more with free help.

She is great help.

Every one else is over 21.

If you are unsure, don't take the risk.

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