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Caustic/Acid Cleaning Solution Ratio for CIP System


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Hello all,

Hopefully an easy couple of questions that I would appreciate your feedback on:

When creating a caustic or acid cleaning solution for still cleaning, I've read 5% as being an appropriate potency for a cleaning solution. Is that agree with your experience to neutralize odors and/or build-up? Is there risk with too potent of a caustic or acid solution on copper or stainless? Also, when creating the respective solutions, is the percentage basis measured by volume or by weight?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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5% caustic on a 40 minute cycle followed by a rinse to neutral pH, then go to a 5% acid wash for 40 minutes followed by a rinse to neutral pH. We go 40 gal H2O to .8 gal cleaning agent. That's what we do here. It will get your equipment clean. Just make sure the caustic and acid are immediately rinsed off of your equipment and youll be fine.


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