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Stills coming out of Iowa by : DEHNER

Dehner Distillery

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Looks familiar!

I'm just a couple days away from firing it up for the first time--I'm excited. Joe did a great job and was pretty easy to work with. I might not be the easiest customer in the world as I requested a few changes along the way but I had a good experience and am so far very happy with the purchase.

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PM me the price of the unit, and individual components if you don't mind. I would also like production numbers. I have two twelve inch diameter 40 inch tubes. I may want you to do something custom.

Thanks Wilder

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I have some standard parts but a lot of customers want some of the items custom. So a 160 gallon oil jacketed still for person may be X, but for another it might be X+/- .

It just all depends.

Give us a ring and we will help the best we can.



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What temp do you hold the oil at?


Not Joe, but I've got one of his stills. I don't like to go above about 320 degrees otherwise I get excessive crud baking to the inside of the still.

I could probably run it harder, but then it would be harder to keep it clean. At 320 it's easy enough to scrub off with a wand & SS scrubbing pad.

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Here is another one just built for Michigan. It has to be cleaned and polished, but it is basically done.

235 gallon, oil jacketed still, with 8" 20plate column, with bypass at the 5th plate. 8" dephlegmator, and massive 6" condenser, 3" bottom drain.

attachicon.gifstill 2.jpg

How much does the 235 gallon still cost?

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pump, still, everything , 100%. The cost is $18,000

Thought put depends on the content of alcohol in the solution to be distilled. Normal processing is up to about 1.5 gpm.

The pump is capable of a little over 10 gallons a minute.

I have a continuous still just like this one in one of our distilleries, it is a much shorter column, and has a 25-35 % smaller boiler. It runs about .75-1 gpm, on our rum wash. Food for thought. :)


Take Care.

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