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We have all american made commercial stills here also. Contact us with any options you may want.. We can build to your specifications...Give us a call


We also now offer Steam systems up to 300 gallon. We want your business and will work to get it.!!

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Uncle rob, I had a switch go out on my little 25 gallon and you guys didn't work at all to help. Kinda rude about it when I approached you last year when just trying to say hi and brought it up. Didn't like that very much.

I am very sorry about this. Please give us a call back and I will take care of it personally. We can replace this switch for you. Give me a all at 270-334-3400. Ask to speak with Jerrod or Matt. Either one should be able to help you out. You can also ask for me, Mike.. I will take care of this issue

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