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Mash Bill Design


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Looking for resources to explore pertaining to the theory of designing mash bills on a commercial level.

I want to learn how to construct recipes, with the end result being not a list of theoretical percentages (70% corn, 18% Rye... etc), but literal amounts for a recipe. I want to understand how much grain to cook in how much water to reach my desired mash volume.

If you can recommend any texts or old threads; be they academic, antiquated, or questionable, I would really appreciate it.

Enjoy your day, thank you for reading.

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I'm definitely going to look into it because I actually just bought it, thanks for the recommendation. Also found an old "Distillers' Grain Manual" so I'll give that a shot too. I've been viewing myself as more of a "chef" and it's been fantastic (5 gallons is so romantic), but I know it's more a pinch of cooking and a whole lot of science. I don't wanna follow recipes I wanna write them for others!

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That calculator is good, but you need to learn how to read a grain spec sheets. Much of the info from the above uses specs for DBCG (dry basis course grind) when what we normally use is DBF(ine)G.

This article:


although beer focused, is a good place to start.

As for theory, I feel if you have an understanding of:

Grain PPG (point pounds / gallon)

Malted vs. raw grain

What enzymes do including temp / ph constraints

Absorbtion rates (I figure around .1 to .2 gallons / pound)

Volume of ground grain (if you're mash-cooker-space-constrained)

You can pretty much build any recipe.

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