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Hello from Tasmania.

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I live on the island state of Tasmania, I learnt distilling undertaking an internship at a licensed distillery I have built to use once licensed, 6" four sieve/plate column still hand made by myself.

Over the last couple of years I have been traveling around Tasmania and NSW touring the distilleries meeting the folks behind the scenes discussing their distilling techniques, some distilleries produce from paddock to bottle, that is they grow their own grain, totally self sufficient which is a real feat as any of you would know that goes this route, I take my hat off to them.

I have been involved in the hobby distillation scene for a number of years now and promote safety, knowledge and interaction between the hobbyist and professional, hopefully Australia will soon legalise home distillation as New Zealand did many years ago. I do feel it would also be prudent that the hobbyist needs to display their knowledge of distilling and safety measures undertaken whilst distilling and pay for a permit.

In finishing, I hope I can add to the discusion and help as best as I can.


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Just a quick note to say welcome and good luck! Sounds like you are doming some fun things down there and you are lucky enough to do it in an amazing part of the world.

Looking forward to hearing how things go with your distilling efforts!

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Hello Jay

I get quite a few people in similar situations to yours who visit me, not sure if you have, but anytime you are passing Kempton then drop in for a visit, Belgrove Distillery.

Not for next 10 days as I am in Florida USA visiting a couple of distilleries.

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Thank you both for saying hello,

Great things are going on in Tas our environment is clean, rain water streams, Barley,Rye and peat all grown and found here. I have toured your distillery PeteB...and I was impressed with your recycling ideas, green as Tasmania can be. The taste of your Rye Whisky reflected terrior of Kempton and the surrounding area. Have you done anything with that beautiful piece of copper just waiting on some loving? I'm very interested in how you go with it. Next time I'm your area i'll call and if your not busy call in.

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It's been some time since posted in this thread, it's time to dust it off and give you an update, I am now a licensed distiller with a distillery hand built by myself and family members.

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2 hours ago, Hudson bay distillers said:

hello jay hows things way down there .


Things are going great, had to wait for ever for our first load of bottles, then the wrong caps turned up!! all sorted out now, how are you going?

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