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Hi from Detroit

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I've had the itch to get into this business for a while now and have been scouring the net to get more information and I finally found this place. I am planning on going to the next workshop that Kris Berglund is running in Lansing, have any of you been to it? If so was it worth the time and expense?

In doing some research I see that there are only a couple craft distillers in my area, so I am hoping that that bodes well for my timing.

OK, back to reading (and now replying a bit too!)

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I went to Kris Berglund's artisan distillers work shop in NY in 2009. It was held in conjunction with Carl Christianson, a german manufactorer. The class was held at a small university with a small still on site. We also visited a winery with a large still, carl Christianson of course.

I thought the course was great, I learned a ton. One of my fellow attendees had told me they had previously attended a similar course. He told me it was twice the cost and just a sales pitch. He was very happy with the Berglund course too.

It was totally worth my time and money, even with the drive to NY, I was living in MI at the time.

Hope this helps

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