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Distiller Available in Ohio


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Are you ready to hire a motivated college graduate with practical experience in beverage production?

As a chemist, I have a vast knowledge of the science behind brewing and distilling processes. As a former chef, I can select quality ingredients, and have a sound knowledge of the restaurant/bar business. As a distiller, I have over 1.5 years worth of experience in the production of high quality spirits for a craft distillery, from mashing to packaging and delivery.

I have relocated to Columbus, OH and would like to continue to grow into the brewing and distilling professions. I am available, able to lift over 55 lbs over my head, and enough common sense to know how to follow recipes and directions. Please feel free to look at my resume, and email me for any questions.

Dana Heath Murray



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Hi Dana,

- I read your CV - nice skill set - if you ever want to look further afield then try Googling Blenheim, Marlborough New Zealand - plenty of opportunity here for a life style and employment to suit you. - Mike :)

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Dana. We are hoping to be up and running in early 2012. Looking for master distiller/ product creation person. Give me a call sometime if you would like details, and would consider a move northward. We are in upstate NY. 585 747 8080 Cell Dave D. CELK Distiiling

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