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Small Carrier's single case shipments

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Just wanted to see how people are sending single or a couple cases at a time.

Iv been dealing with Fed X over some busted bottles and apparently they do not insure alcohol at all even if you pay for added insurance. We double box them with a bunch of peanuts but the fact is no matter how i wrap it when someone drops a case of booze its going to break.

How is everyone sending their single cases?

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I had a similar question to ask. What type of packaging do you use when shipping? For instance, if we were shipping samples to a competition or a distributor. I've ordered wine and spirits online and seen the cardboard type holder, styrofoam and the inflatable bags. Just curious what others prefer and if you've found a good supplier of the materials. I've been looking at the inflatable ones recently, as the don't add a lot of weight to the packaging.



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Couriers ship thousands of cases of spirits & wine in the UK, daily.

It is true, no insurance for alcohol. But often only 1 bottle of the 6 will actually break, and the remaining 5 get returned. So not a complete wipeout.

We just use double-walled cardboard boxes (cases of 6) and fragile tape. Not two boxes, and no peanuts either. I've dropped/knocked over several of our full cases and surprisingly nothing has broken inside with me.

We do get the inevitable breakages with FedEx (our courier too)... but not so many that we would consider changing our methods. And we courier a lot of cases.

Things might be a bit rougher in the US, given the distances travelled. And for anything overseas we bubble wrap.

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I send full cases all the time via fedex. I use 12 pack bottle shippers, the corrugated kind and no bubble wrap. They're pretty damn cheap if you live on the mainland, pretty damn expensive if you live in Hawaii.

fyi fedex covers damage to shipments sent to commercial addresses, not residential addresses (if you have an alcohol shipper agreement with them).

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