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Evening folks. Just received word that a bill to allow NC DSP holders in certain counties (those that have established a local ABC Board) to sell one bottle of product to tour goers on a one-bottle-per-year basis. Here's a link to the bill, which was presented to the governor today: http://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2015/Bills/House/PDF/H909v5.pdf

Of concern is the POS language that would require distillers who sell bottles directly to consumers to keep a database that would maintain various data points about the customers for 12 months. My main concern is privacy liability, as maintaining drivers license numbers and DOBs for customers is ripe for identity theft. On the plus side is building a marketing database and selling product -albeit on a limited scale - direct to consumers.

Take a look at the proposed bill and let me know what you think. Just curious to hear some thoughts on it. Main question - is selling one bottle per 12 months per customer worth the infrastructure, in your opinion?

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This might save my Distillery. It can easily be an excel spreed sheet. It is up to the distillery to keep the data and provide it to the ABC if needed. Not that much more then what you have to do for a tasting "check ID". Cant wait.

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