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Hi guys... we are finally ramping up here and are curious to know what the forum thought about ceiling clearance for the DSP... I know taller is better, but we are looking at a few places closer in downtown in order to increase foot traffic... what is the minimum clearance you look for in a building? Before you flame us out, I also know it depends on the still, etc... we are doing pot-sill production and will not be using a gazillion-plate vodka column... thanks in advance



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I've got 12 to the rafters and 14 to the decking. I'd much rather have it 14 to the rafters...but then I'd probably rather have 16.

If you can't use a forklift to double or triple stack pallets I'd look elsewhere. And also make sure you can use your equipment as mendodistilling said.

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If you're making whiskey on a 4-tray column you can get away with a 14' ceiling. I'd be hesitant to sign a lease with much less as it makes dealing with stacking / forklifts / general maneuverability a challenge. Can you give us a bit more info on the type of equipment your considering?

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