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Other Business Conducted in the DSP?


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Hello All,

About to submit our DSP and had a quick question about Subpart D that hopefully someone can shed some light on. Is merchandise sales and tasting included in the DSP, or do you need to clarify those as "other business conducted on DSP premises". It is outside our bonded area, but located in the same building.

Any advice?

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There is much debate on this point, but agents I've talked to assert the tasting room cannot be part of the DSP bonded or general premises. The reasons vary. On our distillery layouts we indicate the bonded premises where production, processing, and storage activities occur, and the general premises where offices are located, but we always show the tasting room separate from the bonded or general premises. The extent of the separation required is often determined on a case by case basis. Here is a recent thread quoting a TTB agent on the subject:


If you have more questions feel free to email me: info@corsondistilling.com



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