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Boil All-grain Wort from Mash before Distilling?

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Is it important or necessary to boil your Wort from your Mash Tun before running into the fermenter?

I have read that you don't need to, but I want some more experienced advice. I always do for my beer, boiling for an hour even if no hops are needed; I know this helps to sterilyze the Wort before it goes into the fermenter. I just want to know if this step is necessary for distilling.


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If you chose to boil your wort (called wash in distilling jargon) and go for a sanitary fermentation, you are going to end up with a significantly different final spirit than if you were to skip the boil and go for the more common no-boil ferment which tend to be ripe with lactobacillus and other fun stuff.

There's no right or wrong here, just the process that you might choose to implement to create your own spirit. I think it's safe to say though— the majority of distilleries do not boil their mash/wash prior to fermentation.

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