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Smells during aging


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Anyone have experience in putting clean brandy down to neutral wine barrels, and getting green/garlic characteristics after about 6 months? Is this some sort of intermediate wood extraction smell? These were one year old MT AO red wine barrels that I soaked over night in peroxyclean, then over night in citric acid water before hot rinsing to remove the color and wine tannin from the barrel.

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Im not entirely sure but I have heard of something they call mal du bois (wood sickness) in normandy that is a fairly common. Off flavors in young brandies that supposedly fix themselves over time. See Calvados: Spirit of Normandy:


Some of the producers I spoke to while i was there said that most of their barrels, especially the younger barrels (and in that region any barrel that was made while you were alive is considered young). They said it can take anywhere from 6 months to 10+ years for it to go away.

Hope this helps.

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