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Skip Rock Distillers in Snohomish, WA (North of Seattle) is looking for a distillery production intern. We are a family owned craft distillery that takes a farm to bottle approach on everything we do. That means sourcing rye, potatoes, berries, apples and walnuts from local farmers. We then take those raw materials and mash, ferment, distill, and age all of our products at our distillery in the heart of Snohomish's Downtown Historic District.

The intern will work closely with the Skip Rock team to learn the following skills:

  • Distillation of Spirits

  • Management of Different Mashes and Fermentations

  • Product Development

  • Barreling and Aging

  • Labeling and Bottling

  • Warehousing of Spirits and Supplies

  • Sanitation and Cleaning

  • Product testing and evaluation

  • Potential to explore a specific spirits production topic

We produce potato vodka, grain vodka, rye whiskey, bourbon, various fruit and nut liqueurs, rum and gin. We have won numerous awards and have been in business since 2009. We use a Kothe still and have a pilot system for yeast trials, recipe development and other needs.


  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Interest in learning and building experience in small distillery operations

  • Be on time and ready to learn

  • Be able to lift at least 50 pounds

  • Must be able to lift, stoop, kneel, climb and walk without issue; must be able to stand for extended periods of time

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must possess current, personal health insurance

  • Prior knowledge of the brewing and distillation process is appreciated but not required

  • Must not have a prior felony conviction or charge; be ready for a background check

  • Additional requirements may arise at any time

Technically, this is a “trainee” position where you will be able to learn a great deal about distilling and the craft spirits industry. Students at a university/college program might be able to obtain credit for this internship and we will work with you to help with that. The intern would be expected to be at the distillery 25-40 hours/week depending on schedules. We are typically in production Monday - Saturday, 9:00-5:00pm.

This internship is open to start immediately and run for three months in duration. Upon successful completion a stipend will be awarded depending on hours completed.

Email us for additional information or to send in a cover letter and resume.

Skip Rock Distillers, 104 Ave C, Snohomish, WA 98290. info@skiprockdistillers.com


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