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Turnkey modular chiller/heat pump, reservoir and pump skid product addition

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Finishing up details on skid mounted chiller system with integrated chilled water reservoir and two pump turnkey system which also can be used for heat recovery/heat pump mode as an option.

Placed indoors, the chiller will be connected to a closed circuit adiabatic glycol cooler which will be either used as the refrigerant condenser source of cooling or if not a heat pump chiller, will be used as the winter glycol cooler as primary supply for winter water cooling.

Systems will be supplied with control system which can be integrated to customer computer for monitoring and diagnostics.

Skid will ship from near Nashville, TN and systems will begin at 10 HP as standard modules.

Lead times expect to be 8-12 weeks after system drawing approval.

Mike Gronski

MG Thermal Consulting Co.

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One of the vendors I use out of courtesy to me, has begun remanufacturing chillers for use in the Beer and Distillery markets.

One of the first will be completed in December, a 100 ton chiller with scroll compressors and circulating pump. One year parts warranty and a buy-in for a 3 year parts warranty.

To finish the system they will also provide a poly reservoir, insulated and with necessary fittings to mate up with the chiller in the field.

Once used, these chillers are remanufactured using the company's PLC controller which can be programmed to be used with a customer's automation system, too.

As units become available, they will be placed on my website if they aren't sold in a couple weeks.

If anyone is in need of large remanufactured cooling systems, drop me a line with a request, and will respond when a likely candidate is found.


Mike G

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