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Bulk Whiskey for sale- custom mash bills, barreled, etc

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Can we help you out? We have:

1. excess distilling capacity

2. access to new oak barrels in a variety of sizes

3. ability to produce fantastic whiskey, in custom mash bills or standard recipes

We are looking for distilleries or brand owners that are wanting to either catch up or get ahead on their whiskey stocks by contracting with us to produce their bulk whiskey here in Middleton, Wisconsin. Our ideal customers are looking for anywhere from four to twelve barrels of whiskey a month on a standing "subscription" basis. We can produce on a regular schedule and either hold for truckload quantities or ship individual barrels when completed. Each batch will have mashing notes, grain tracking data, and arrive in a brand new, white oak barrels, charred or toasted to your specifications. Some of our customers have aged their whiskey from us in the past couple of years and are now winning awards for its taste and quality. Break the habit of working with the "you'll take what we make for you" bulk whiskey distilleries and enjoy being actively involved in the process of making a unique and high-quality spirit that will have much stronger marketing value. Organic certified bulk whiskey coming in 2016!

We are anticipating that our capacity will be filled quickly with this announcement- please don't hesitate to contact us. We select customers based on many factors, not just the size of the order.

Please contact Shane at shane@deathsdoorspirits.com for details and pricing. Please hold off on phone calls, we will answer emails promptly- promise. :-)

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Don't know why it bounced back, but I went ahead and changed the email address to one I know works- sorry about that! We do not sell any of our aged whiskey stock, we are offering fresh whiskey that we will put into new barrels for you. As we build stock, we may end up having some aged product, but like the bigger companies, we don't anticipate having any bulk whiskey available that will be very old.

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