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Number of runs per day out of a 100 gallon spirit still?


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>>I'm wondering how many runs per day someone could expect to make from a 100 gallon spirit still with a 17" column.

Surely that can't be 17" in diameter -- there won't be enough ethanol in the kettle to stack the trays.

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Ive run a steam driven 100 gallon Muller doing rum. managed to strip 300 gallons of wash doing 3 stripping runs and squeeze in a spirit run in just under 12 hours. The still had a 6 plate 16 inch column. It is possible to do 4 runs in a day but it makes for a long day

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We'd have a separate wash still with a capacity of 240 gallons and then take that product to the 100 gallon spirit still.

Sounds like a spirit run would take 4 hours approximately from what people have said above.

I misspoke - we currently have bids out for a 14" column with 6 plates for the 100 gallon spirit still.

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