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Radiant Heat?

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Hello all,

Looking at a location which has an overhead radiant heater as a heat source for the space. I am not familiar with this type of heating, but from what I have read, it sends energy waves causing the objects in its path to heat up. Now, besides that fact that it scares me to be the ''object'' in the radio-waves path, is this kind of heating compatible within a distillery? Sláinte

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As far as human contact with radiant heat goes, there is nothing to worry about. Infrared heat has nothing to do with the "dangerous" ionizing radiaiton, (UV, xrays, gamma rays,...) the human body readily accepts and emits IR. However IR heaters are inherently NOT explosion proof and should not be used in a class 1 explosive environment like a distillery.

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If you are going to have a boiler, I doubt you will need to use your radiant heater. I have never once turned my heat on, even when it was 20 below outside because my boiler kicks off so much heat. Just food for thought.

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