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Enolmaster one head not working


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I have a four head Enolmaster filler and all of a sudden the last head farthest from the input side quit working. I get a few drops out but nothing more. The other three seem to work just fine and this is a new development, all four have been working flawlessly for almost a year.

Any ideas, or is there a troubleshooting guide on line anywhere?

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We have the same system and its pretty easy to fix. Here are some thoughts.

  • The whole system runs on a vacuum pump, so if a head isn't filling that means you have a vacuum leak on that filler head.
  • The filler head assembly has a few gaskets and washers that could be leaking by. Take the head apart, clean each component and reassemble.
  • The end of the filler head has a white conical gasket that creates the seal against the bottle head. Check that for tears, creases, gunk. Anything that is keeping it from making a seal will affect the performance of that filler head.
  • We've run over 100K bottles through our system and we take it apart, completely, every 10K or so and do a full maintenance. You should think about doing the same from a preventative maintenance standpoint.
  • The hose from the vacuum pump to the filler head might have a leak. Check the hose clamps on each end, one may be loose and allowing a vacuum leak at that location.
  • Also, the vacuum pump can get bunged up too. Pretty easy to disassemble and clean the flapper that the piston drives against to create the vacuum. Probably not the case here, but without regular p.m. it can cause a lose in system performance.....I.E. 100/hr vs 200/hr.

If none of this answers the question, just PM me and I'll do my best to help.



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McKee, tried to PM you, but looks like your mailbox is full....

Ruled out most of the probable causes and now concentrating on rebuilding the individual head. I bought all of the o-rings and seals, but how do you take the individual nozzle apart? I couldn't find any instructions for this online, and you had mentioned that you rebuild yours on a regular basis.

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