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Custom Mold, Bar tops, Labeler, Foil Spinner.

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For Sale

Stuff from a project that did not go forward. All item are new.

Custom Bottle Mold, 750 ml, 900 grams, 10”h x 3.5 dia. $15,000 (original purchase price $20,000) est. bottle price $1.80. Bottle samples are available. Aprox. 800 bottles included with purchase.

Natural Cork Bar Top Stopper: (34 mm X 14 mm) wood top with black stain and tumble varnish. $0.50 each, 24,000 available.

Ramondin Foil Capsule Spinner. $2,000. (Original purchase price $2500)

Labeler, Bottle-Matic w/rewind, applies front and back, $2,000 (original purchase price $2,350.)

For more info call Jack Baker 203-592-7793 or email jbaker@litchfielddistillery.com





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