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1,200L Still


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We just finished a 1,200L Still for one of our USA client. I'd like to share the photo with you.

The main configuration of the still is as follows:

• Effective volumn: 1,200L, total volumn: 1,400L
• Copper scotch style column on the still
• Boiler Inner shell: 5mm, outer shell: 2mm, clad jacket:
5mm, Made of SUS304"
• Clad wall thickness: 50mm
• Insulation thickness: 50mm
Whiskey column
• W/ 4-ea bubble plates made of red copper, 12” diameter(300mm)
• Dephlegmator on 4-plate offset whiskey column
• 4x4” sight glasses in whiskey column
• 4 CIP spray balls in whiskey column(1 above each plate)
• Check valve in drain return line
Vodka column
• 12” diameter(300mm), 16 bubble plates made of red copper
• 16X 4” sight glasses in stainless vodka column
• 16X CIP spray balls in vodka column(1 above Each Plate)
• 16X Plate drain valves
• Drain return from 16 plate vodka column to still boiler
Gin basket
• made of SUS304, 12” diameter(300mm)
• made of SUS304, 12” diameter(300mm)
• Including a stainless steel pump, anti-explosion style, 1.5 kw,
3 phase, and necessary pipes and valves.


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