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corking machine

richard fraser

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The most inexpensive option is to build one yourself.

The basic design is to have a base plate. Attached to the base plate is an upright. Attached to the upright is the end of a lever. You grab the lever at the other end and use it to push down on the cork. Attach the lever to the upright such that it's level with the cork fully inserted.

You can also use a rubber mallet, but the lever device is less likely to break the bar tops.

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Glad that we were able to help Richard and I hope the hand feels a whole lot better!

Just to let everyone know we have now designed an adapter to fit our standalone corkers to conveyor systems. This opens up plenty of new options, we can work with everyone from a small distiller doing a couple of hundred bottles a day right up to full conveyor based production.

CCR Engineering
519 Main rd.
Johns Island, SC 29455

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