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I am seriously thinking about opening my own distillery but I would like to get some experience under my belt while the idea rattles around in my head. I live in Vancouver,WA which is located right across the river from Portland,OR. If there is anyone who could use some help while I learn a thing or two, I'm your man. Ideally I could find enough work in the industry to replace my current job and still pay my bills while I learn. I'm quick to pick things up, I've brewed beer, made wine and I have actually taken two classes on distilling. I have used small stills, one was 3 gallons and the other was a 26 gallon Hill Billy still. I am familiar with the process, just not on a large scale, which is what I would like to do. My customer service skills are fantastic, I'm punctual, dependable and I always work hard. I'm willing to do whatever job is needed and if I can get rid of my current job, my time is open. Evenings and weekends are available right now. So, invite me over, try me out and we could both be happy.

Seriously dependable guy wants work.

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I know that Eastside Distilling in Portland is going through a huge expansion right now, might be worth a chat with the top brass over there.

I'd also leave a post on the forum for the WA distillers guild. http://www.washingtondistillersguild.org/ If you're willing to relocate your best shot will probably be in Seattle.

And honestly, if you can find some experience in a commercial brewery it would be just as valuable.

Best of luck to you,


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