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Bottling Party


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Question/ taking a pole. How many of you out there utilize the bottling party concept to bottle your spirits.

Bottling party = Bring in local folks who are fans of your product to help bottle, as a way of thanking the people for helping you feed them, make cocktails and give them a bottle of booze to take home at the end of the party

Anyone out there doing something like this?

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DO NOT DO THIS!!! Turns out in California, according to your avatar you are, it's illegal. The state calls it free labor, which is illegal. They busted a winery a year or so ago and fined them $110,000, which shut them down. Which is funny because lots of people and wineries do this as a way to offset costs when first starting out. I would call the ABC and find out for sure. You might also want to ask them if that applies to unpaid interns, and if you're allowed to have unpaid interns.

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Also if you are in California, it is currently illegal to make cocktails of any kind at a dsp. (even to add ice to your product) and its a grey area to "give them [people] a bottle of booze" in part payment.

Be very careful advertising this and how.

MUCH much easier to 1099 them all and make them employees for the day and pay them min wage. Make sure your insurance covers this and that you wont get sued for a sprained ankle.

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