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Holstein circular pad filtering machine

Beauport Bob

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Back in 2006 we purchased a Bavarian/Holstein Circular filter. Top of page 14 in the Holstein catalog under the "wine" tab.

How many of you have this machine? We are very pleased with its operation but occasionally need to replace the o-rings. How do you source the o-rings?

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Whenever I need to get a replacement o-ring I usually just measure it myself so I can get replacements from an o-ring house. Much cheaper. It's rare for an equipment manufacturer to use a non-standard o-rings on their product. Too costly. Once you know how to measure o-rings you can buy them for a few pennies each from an o-ring house rather than through the manufacturer or distributor, who generally sell o-rings at a premium (us included).

Get a set of calipers. Something like these should work fine.

Measure the thickness of the cross section and refer to this chart (or one of the many similar charts online) to determine the series number. For example, if you find that the cross section thickness is about .103" ± .003" you'll see that this is a 100 series o-ring.

Now measure the ID and OD of the o-ring and compare it to the size chart for other 100 series o-rings. You should be able to see pretty quickly which o-ring size it corresponds to. For example, if you find that the ID is about .487±.005 then just verify that the OD is about 11/16. You now know the o-ring's "Number". It's a -112.

Now just go to an o-ring house and ask for a -112 o-ring. You might have to buy a minimum quantity of 10 or more, but o-rings are cheap anyway. Shouldn't cost much.

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