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Steam heat exchanger and boiler


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I have just put in a 260K Crown boiler and a 250K heat exchanger. Here is my problem. When the boiler gets up to pressure, I can't hold it there, it keeps cycling on and off which takes the pressure off my still and I have to wait for the pressure to build up again before the product comes out.

The boiler has a Honeywell pressuretrol so you can set it for the differential between when it shuts off (8 lbs psi) and when it comes back on again (5 lbs. psi). The problem is it doesn't always come back on, it will go down to 3 or 4. Very annoying and time consuming.

Does anyone know a better controller to use? My Crown people are nice but they don't have a clue and have left me standing with the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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