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CiderMaster Needed for High-Growth Cider Company in Boston (Distilling background OK)


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What happens when you have the idea for a truly differentiated hard cider? A hard cider that makes beer nerds order cider between his or her coffee stout and imperial IPA. One that makes a brewmaster reconsider what he or she knows about fermentation. One that turns a Bud Light drinker into a lover of craft beverages because his love of craft started with our brand. I'll tell you what happens, by any means necessary, you learn how to make it. It doesn't matter how much you know about fermentation, large scale production, or quality assurance; you read a few books and learn how to make it because in your heart you know it's possible. After that, you sell that cider. Then you buy more and more equipment to make more and more cider and hire a few people to help you. Then, one day, you wake and realize, "I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. I'm wayyyy out of my league. This has happened so fast I didn't have the opportunity to learn how to do things properly but, our cider is loved by so many people and we are growing so fast we must be doing something right... right?" After this, you think, "I need help with this. Everything else in the business in under control but, I want our production to be rock solid; after all, we are a hard cider company." Then, you write what you hope this person will do... it goes a little something like this...

The CiderMaster (Production Manager) will work closely with the Executive Management team to ensure a consistency with process and cider production goals. This position oversees management of the cider operations team as well as quality control. They will work closely with production planning and purchasing. As part of the management team, the CiderMaster will be expected to contribute to our continued growth and expansion initiatives.

​If interested in more info or if you have referrals - please reach out to Ashley Schult at ashley@forcebrands.com

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