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Barrel Filling Nozzle

Penrock Distillery

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This one is made of aluminum, though, which corrodes when it comes into contact with ethyl alcohol. You'd want one made of stainless steel and other parts that have better compatibility. I'm sure there's one out there.

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Thanks chaps

I have found a couple of auto shut off fillers nozzles that have stainless bodies but aluminum end nozzles. Didn't know if anyone was using something like this or if these too were not suitable due to the aluminum components & possibly the internal parts.

I have also found the all stainless "whiskey nozzle" but they run from $350 - 600. I guess I'm just being cheap by trying to find a reasonably priced alternative to these but an coming up blank :-(

Thanks everyone

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How about a stainless steel beer filling gun ?? that will be SS and you might just need an adaptor to match the pipe diameter. That is what I was looking at for my barrels. I am having to consider lots of SS alternative beer equipment because I can get it easily.



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