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Hi From NYC

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Hi All,

I just completed my MSc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt in Scotland and have moved home to NYC. I am a skilled distiller, capable of producing a range of different spirits. My favorite thing to make is whisk(e)y, particularly rye, but I have also made rum, gin and akevitt, as well as spirits that resist traditional classifications. My dissertation was on creating an unaged proto-whisky that would allow a distillery to bring in revenue while waiting for other products to age. I am currently developing recipes to produce spirits from pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke (separately). I also enjoy making (and drinking) my own beer and kombucha.

I have just started a consulting company for craft distilleries, with a focus on production and recipe development. Feel free to shoot me an email about distilling or if you’d like to join in on a homebrewing (beer) session. I’m also happy to talk about the MSc at Heriot-Watt if you are considering it.


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