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The New Old Taylor, First Batch.

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As archivist at the Filson Historical Society for the papers of E. H. Taylor, Jr., Mike Veach discovered that Taylor favored white corn, not yellow, for his bourbon mash and used 2 1/2 times the normal amount of barley malt -- about 25% malt. With 10% rye and the rest white corn, that was Taylor's mash bill. He distilled it to about 107 proof and put it in the barrel that way, or maybe slightly reduced, aging it for about 8 years.

The picture attached, courtesy of Buffalo Trace, is that recipe, last week, in the micro-distillery fermenters at the Frankfort distillery. E. H. Taylor Jr. was one of the founders of the distillery now known as Buffalo Trace, and went on to be a major figure in the American whiskey industry during the late 19th century. Buffalo Trace acquired the Old Taylor Bourbon brand from Beam Global earlier this year.

The first batch of the new Old Taylor has started its journey.

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Its good to see the use of different types of corn. I have thought that for a long time using different types of corn will yield greatly varying results.

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