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Mash Tun Bid, RFP, (request for proposal)


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My distillery is transitioning from fermenting on the grain to an all beer wash without solids.

My primary grain is corn, finely ground. Grind can be adjusted.


1- 400 gallon (+/-), stainless cooker.

2- False bottom.

3- 2 in. tri-clamp drain.

4- Propane fired-

5- If agitator required, we have single phase. 208/230 or compressed air.

6- Temp gauge

7- Manway

8- Recirculating pump, (hi temp), We also have a 1" double diaphragm air driven pump and a 2" double diaphragm stainless steel that may suffice. So a 2 " tri-clamp fitting on top might be the ticket.

Our main still is not jacketed, but direct fired propane and electric elements. So the boiler idea is not the best fit for us a this point.

Please email- appmtnspirits@yahoo.com with your proposal, price and or options. I am familiar with some other equipment manufactures but thought I would give my ADI friends a shot, or if a used piece of equipment is available.



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