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Hello New, Old, Master and Beginner fellow Distillers!

Just wanted to pop on and say hi!

I am new to distilling but come from several years of craft brewing. Made the jump when an opportunity was passed my way from an old brewing comrade. I figured there must be a few common threads between the two industries and decided to pursue the position of Production Distiller at Black Button Distilling in Rochester NY. After a very positive and engaging conversation with Jason the owner of Black Button, we agree to team up! So here I am, now a distiller.

I have gained a solid grasp of our operations, but believe me this is WAY different then making beer!

Many questions to come...

So I will be tapping into the wealth of knowledge that this community has to offer in the near future.



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This is Air, and our factory is produce the beer brewery and distillery.

If any help or question on the products, you can check with me.

I will check with our engineer who is professional on the products who has many years experience in this area



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