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I submitted my DSP application via Permits Online last week and I'm wondering about the Status indicated in the Records tab of the web site. My status is, and has been since I submitted the application, currently showing "Received". My OOI records are showing "Accepted" but if I remember correctly, they initially showed "Recieved" for a brief period of time before changing.

Is a DSP application treated differently than the OOI in regards to status updates? I submitted all my supporting documents/attachments at the time I submitted my application so I don't believe it is waiting for anything. I just want to make sure that my application does not get abandoned if I'm missing something. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Thanks Mook, congratulations on the DSP! Wow, 8 months, that had to be an excruciating wait. I understand it will be a long, drawn out process but my main question is about the status showing "Received" instead of "Accepted" and whether or not this is a normal status for an application that has been submitted but not yet approved.

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