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Complete distillery for sale.

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Up for grabs to the first taker is a complete start up distillery. I have upgraded my stills and fermentation tanks to larger ones, so my original equipment must go.

Two 70 gallon stills. Both with copper heads and stainless boilers. Both are electric heat to an oil jacket, so no direct heating elements into the wash. One is a pot/stripping still and the other is a 6 column still with gin basket and deflag.

They both work perfectly and have produced amazing, award winning product for 3 years. Because of how great they work, our demand outgrew their production capability, which is why I built bigger equipment and must sell this startup equipment.

I also have quantity 10, fermentation tanks. Each are 55 gallon stainless steel tanks with stainless lids.

All the heating elements, heating controls, are included (there are 2 for each still) and only require a 220volt plug in for each (4 total plugs).

Hoses and a OSHA safe rise platform to operate the equipment are all included as well.

These were custom built with a lot of LOVE.

Asking $25k for everything. UPDATE 10/30/15 - Price reduced to $15k to make room for new equipment. First come, first serve.

Email: Sean(at)state-38.com for photos or questions. Serious inquiries only. I will remove this post when the equipment has sold. Buyer assumes responsibility for shipping, though I will load onto a truck for buyer.

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Per my question to a seller of equipment a few weeks ago, re: the Silver Trails Incident, can you please give information in this post about:

  • Pressure relief devices, part and model number, and location installed on the stills?
  • Any modifications made to the stills post OEM purchase and install?
  • Are the heating elements and electrical connections rated for area classifications and electrical classification per NFPA, NEC, and DISCUS Recommended Fire Protection documents?

Thanks for providing info. No one wants another Silver Trail and the best way we can prevent that is to ensure that stills are sold with the proper level of safety devices and original design practices.



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Hello Everyone!

Lot's of great questions.

First John McKee:

-There are pressure relief valves on the lower copper head of the column still before the first plate. Preset setting at 60 psi.

-The Hillbilly Column has no modifications. The stripping/pot still is a custom build.

-All heating elements are enclosed in a rubber sealed enclosure, removed from atmosphere exposure.

We have had a full fire marshal walk through of the equipment and passed.


-Thank you for beating me to the photo posts. The second to the last photo shows the stills in their current condition. Insulation around the stills has tightened up since the first photos you showed from when they were still in the fabrication shop and still being wrapped in the distillery.

-That is in fact the platform to reach column controls and other access points on the stills. This is a OEM platform that conforms to the OSHA requirements for handle height, stair height, etc...

-Those are indeed the qty 10, 55 gallon stainless steel fermentation tanks. They each have SS lids as well.


-The column still is a HillBillyStils column. The bottom portion (boiler/kettle) of the stills are custom built, and are not a "homebrew kettle" as I am not home brewing. These are vegetable oil jacketed with an oil pressure to atmospheric pressure relief built in. They also have a custom built internal heat disbursement U pipe inside that circulates the hot oil to the wash with greater surface area.

-The stripping/pot still is all custom built and has changed since the photo's posted by HedgeBird. It is now water condense cooled, instead of air coil cooled on the condenser.

The fabrication of the two 70 gallon SS boiler/kettle are what really took the most time and money.

This is a unique setup. I only wish I had the opportunity to "buy in" to the industry for what I am asking. This is not a large production, multi state setup. This is a get-your-start and name out to grow into something big setup. That said, it has allowed us to grow into over 400 locations in the state and a respectable amount of tasting room sales to boot.

I am proud of this setup and hope someone can find a home for it.


Here is a link to the new custom built still I just finished:



If you want a 15psi PRV on my stills, I will buy it, install it, test it for you. Safety is a very big concern for me.

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Well, I REALLY need the space for my barrel rack and need to move this equipment. Everything works very well and was a great setup to get off the ground. I outgrew it, which says a lot about the quality of product produced from this equipment.

One (1) 70 gallon column still - My cost was $12k total for the build of this still.

One (1) 70 gallon pot/stripping still - My cost was $12k total for the build of this still.

One (1) Rise Platform - My cost was $1500 for this platform

10 (10) 55 gallon stainless steel fermentation tanks with stainless lids - My cost was $2k total for these tanks

Hoses, heating elements (4), heat controllers (4), cabling, and all the other small stuff needed for this distillery setup to run - My cost was approx. $2k for this.

My total cost was approx. $30k, plus about 200 hours of my time in building the equipment.


You can buy into the distillery business with enough equipment to keep up with 300+ accounts and a strong selling tasting room for only $15k. Not trying to sound "salesy" but I need the room and I don't want to put this into storage. This is a very good deal.

*Additional pressure relief valve/equipment can be added at your request.

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