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Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total dissolved solids - swewage question


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Hey folks, i really need your help here, we are starting a new distillery and the local folks are asking a great question. We will make whiskey. What we are mostly interested in are the highlighted areas below total BOD per mg/l and TSS per mg/l, keeping in mind that the backset/spent grains (spillage) and spent yeast will go to the farmers (we will use conical fermentors and we harvest the yeast) we also use a 2 micron filter before sending the beer to the still kettle. we will use an average of 2- 2.5 pounds of grain per gallon of water and all of our wort will be lautered. we will not be fermenting on the grain. any help will be very valuable. if you know of a company that does this type of work, i will gladly pay for their services. Thank you gain

Chemical, Physical or Biological characteristic Standards Biochemical oxygen demand 145 Lbs. a day at a concentration not to exceed 200 mg/l TSS 145 Lbs. a day at a concentration not to exceed 200 mg/l
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