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A Few Vodka Run Questions...


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A few questions after having run vodka a couple times on a 20 plate still (4 plates above the pot and two side-mounted columns of 8 plates each):

1. At the end of a vodka run is there any reason I shouldn't bypass the side-mounted columns, mid run, in order to quickly run out the tails? I'm unsure if there'd be any problems with closing the side columns off (and the condensate returns) while hot - especially as they're cooling while not open to the atmosphere.

2. Should the still manway remain closed after a spirit run (or even a stripping run) or should it be opened to avoid collapse when cooling? In other words, is the venting through the parrot enough to avoid collapse when the still is cooling?

3. Should the still's mixer/ agitator be used for the entire duration of a spirit run or just during heat up?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

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Not a definitive expert by any means but I went through similar questions and will answer what I thought...will let any experts out there correct me if I am wrong.

1. I assume there is a drain that remains open in addition to the vapour path through the condenser remaining open so I assume there is no reason not to other than you will have more volume coming through as a lower percentage due to less reflux. I run mine through with the vodka column on but the dephleg temp set high to allow ambient relax and lower the volume of tails.

2. If you have run it through tails there shouldn't be enough alcohol left to be problematic with opening it. However I assume that it would be ok leaving it shut to cool but that depends a lot on construction. Vacuum should dissipate through the condenser fast enough to avoid a vacuum I would think. My normal method is to open the many but leave it loosely closed so that steam doesn't escape quickly. Leave it overnight and drain the next day.

3. I do. Not sure if it matters though but I can't see it hurting. Should maintain a more consistent temperature profile in the liquid by agitating it. The boil may have the same effect though.

Again, not an expert but have had the same questions and those were my conclusions and the logic behind them.

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In my opinion it makes more sense to redirect, and if they're closed off they aren't going to get any hotter so no temperature or pressure increase.

The agitator is only really necessary until a rolling boil is reached in a jacketed system, after that you have the turbulence from the boil. It will cut boil up time before pulling too

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