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Grain slurry -- to distill or not to distill...


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For those that are ferementing on the grain... do you pump the entire mash, settled grain-slurry and all, into the still for stripping or do you try to "decant" off the liquid and distill only that?

I've heard mixed anecdotal evidence that each is preferable. The argument in terms of efficiency is that there is significant etoh that you can recover and the grain provides additional flavor. Then others say you want to keep the spent yeast cells far from any source of heat so as to not contribute off flavors.

Historically we have pumped off the liquid and leave the grainbed in the fermenter -- it's far from perfect. I'm ready to change our SOP to specify rousing the mash and pumping out full contents of the fermenter into the still.


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We do a grain in ferment and grain in first distillation. We mix it up prior to pumping over. We are still really new but we've tried racking off and distilling on grain and preferred the latter. For our recipes, we just get a more complex and better spirit. Never noticed off flavors.

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