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prefabricated still parts


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Hi guys,

Where would you recommend sourcing the following parts:

  • pressure and vacuum release valve
  • electrical heating element (single and three phase electricity available)
  • a flange to join the still's pot and head
  • parrot to collect condensed distillate
  • condenser

The still is a traditional copper pot still of approximately 150 litres with a rather tall head. The condenser is a 1.5 inch copper coil. Traditionally it was heated directly with gas. My assumption from an ATEX point of view is that electrically heating the mash/ low wines is safer than directly heating with gas.

For those of you concerned with safety I'm getting an explosion protection document produced by a competent professional.

By the way I'm based in Ireland so European suppliers might be easier to deal with regarding regs shipping etc.

Any input/ insight is greatly appreciated.



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Check with Watlow or Exheat on the heating elements, I believe they both have operations in the UK and can supply ATEX/Classified compliant immersion heaters and potentially control panels as well.

Stilldragon has a European subsidiary, you'll probably find what you need from a parrot perspective there. Nice thing is all their kit is triclamp, so adapting to suit your need is usually as easy as clamps and fittings. They can do larger condensers too, triclamp as well, but they will be stainless tube-in-shell. We had them make us a larger one and it was very reasonable in comparison. I also had them make me a pedestal mount parrot adapter, take a look here:


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