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Hello from the Garden State

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Hi all,

recently joined ADI and am starting my crawl through the forum

Me and a partner are starting up effort to open a Distillery here in NJ. We've gotten the LLP and the USPTO submission done. Going through the start up funding effort (already past 1/6 of our need and we are only 2 weeks in) - yay.

Then on to securing a location and hiring the lawyer to submit the TTB and State applications.

Will look forward to posting more as we progress - and probably asking lots of questions!

(BWT - targeting spicy Vodka & Rums. Have a Rye got ready for the summer harvest - by then I hope to be up and running)

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Look for other distillers both within the state and across the country. Become a part of the community and take advantage of how we support each other. Having a viable community that builds trust and honesty to exchange information can move you forward. The public also will appreciate a community that works together. Not sure if New Jersey has started a guild or a state association, but if not consider at least an informal meeting of DSP's. Use this forum to make friends across the country, we all learn from each other.

Good luck and keep us updated.


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Thanks - that's a great idea. My hesitation is that I might be perceived as "competition" in another Distiller's space. Is that not more prevalent in our "hobby/business" since there isn't really space for a hobbyist distiller?

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ghreef, some will welcome you with open arms and some will not. I've found that the less in common I may have (geographic, type of spirits produced) the more open an existing distiller has been to talk to me. Even if you have to travel a bit, it will be worth the effort to talk to as many working distillers as you can.

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Welcome to the ADI forum...it's a great place to gather information.

If you are getting around to labels at some point, I'd like to send you a sample package of our print work.

We exhibit at all the ADI trade shows...maybe we have even met? We offer all types of label materials but specialize in foil and embossing.

Connect with me at irene@allamericanlabel.net

I'd be happy to send you a nice sample package.

Best of luck to you...and keep that sense of humor! You'll need it... :>


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Hi Good afternoon and congrats on the beginnings of your new career!

I'm outside Philadelphia, I run www.craftdistillinginsurance.com and I work with the majority of the distilleries and breweries in PA and NJ.

Something that we run into a lot with startups is the need for the Federal Distillers Bond and what's needed, where to send it, etc... Happy to help with that. Distilling insurance is hard to find and can be pricey - we'd be happy to have a conversation. Your landlord may request insurance for your renovations/fit-out and for you to put your equipment within their property.

Also - here's an interview we did regarding Liquor Liability Insurance:

Read my Interview with IndAgent Mag!


Kyle Rheiner




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