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Good afternoon folks and congrats on the success you all are having, the jobs you're creating and the fantastic products you're creating.

I'm Kyle Rheiner - an insurance agent that specializes the insurance for Craft Distilleries and Breweries. I'm outside Philadelphia, PA, and I run www.craftdistillinginsurance.com

I work with the majority of the distilleries and breweries in PA and NJ and have began to expand into Texas (we insure 4 here), Tennessee, NY, CT, DE, MD, and so on.

Here's an interview I did regarding Liquor Liability Insurance with one of the largest insurance magazines in the country, and this article sent me to New Orleans to speak on a panel about specializing in a niche. We insure over 40 craft breweries and distilleries. It's all I do.

Read my Interview with IndAgent Mag!

Whether you're a startup or established, we have the experience.


Kyle Rheiner




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