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Stainless steel bulk tank - 500 gallons

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We're tired of staring at this functional piece of equipment when we have no use for it.

It's a Meuller bulk milk tank, meant to hold milk during collection or pasteurization. 500 gallons, all 316 stainless, internal heating or cooling jacket (but no pump/cooling unit). 1.5" TC drain with sloped bottom. Flat top, hinged lid, and a port for an agitator (not included).

We used it as a bulk cold water recovery tank, but it can be repurposed into a mash tank, cool tank, hot or cold liquor tank, or any kind of storage. It's pristine enough to use as a spirits holding or blending tank.

We're sending this thing off for $700 FOB. It's palletized already, you just pay to ship from 29673 (or come get it with a dock height truck).

Holla with any questions.


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