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Steam Boiler size

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I have heard that the rule of thumb for steam boilers is: 1 BHP per 20 Gallon of still size. So, a 100 Gallon still needs 5 BHP. BHP = boiler horse power. One BHP = 34.5lb/hour of steam

Anyone agree....or not?

heat input is typically applied in BTU's or WATTS. BHP is abbreviation of Brake horse power, which can be broken back down into watts.

your BTU input should remain the same, either with steam or direct heat. if you were running a 100,000 btu of direct heat then you'll want a 120,000 btu boiler (20% increase for the inefficiencies of the system.

how efficiently the system works depends on a number of factors. low vs high pressure, how well your jacketing is able to transfer the heat, absolute pressure of the system as well as relative pressure and so forth.

it would be best to consult with an engineer to get a solid answer.

If you're purchasing your kettle, most manufacturers will have a BTU and steam pressure rating, its best to follow these numbers. but slightly oversizing the steam boiler (without exceeding the pressure rating) is always a good thing. its better to have to much than to little.

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