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Distillery closing! Surplus Equipment!!

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Big Thicket Distillery is closing. Major items MUST BE SOLD!


Hurst 20hp gas steam generator w/condensate return ($9000)  SOLD


2x125 gallon   1X125 GALLON stainless steel boilers, steam jacketed, motorized stirring paddles ($5500 each)  (ONLY 1 REMAINS)


3x250 gallon CYPRESS fermentation tanks w/copper cooling coils from Confederate Stills of Alabama ($1000 each<===CORRECTED PRICE)

(Had originally noted them as cedar... they are not. Sorry about that.) SOLD!!!

3x165 gallon 1x 165 GALLON Letina covered stainless steel collection tanks w/glass sight and bottom drain valve ($1500 each)  (ONLY 1 REMAINS)


Chill King water refrigeration and cooling system ($5000)  $3500


Pickup, loading, delivery, install not included.


This equipment will basically serve to all your equipment needs for either start-up or expansion. The steam generator provided more than enough heat to fire both boilers at the same time. The cedar fermentation tanks provided enough capacity to fire both boilers every day of the week. The water cooling system provided enough cold water to maintain the temperature of all 3 fermentation tanks deep in the deepest armpit of a Texas summer AND keep the still columns cool during a spirit run. And, of course, the stainless bright storage tanks provided more than enough storage for a week's worth of production.


I can provide pictures (or private tour) on request.


Prices are negotiable. I'd rather this stuff be in your distillery making the good stuff than sitting in a warehouse making dust bunnies.

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I thought I put down $1000 for the CSA tanks. We paid $2000 for them. I'll fix that price, and I'm willing to listen if you want to make an offer.

The Hurst was built in 2000 and used by a dry cleaner before we bought it in 2013. It pushes 863 steam pounds/hour and is in excellent condition. Big Thicket probably only used it 50 times over 18 months, tops.

It includes the water/steam return tank and is a low-NOx unit.

The model number is: 4VT-G-20-15U.

There are pics in the gallery, or I can send them to you.

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