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Water for diluting low wines


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Hi there,

What kind of water are folks using to dilute their low wines when charging their still for a spirits run? More specifically, I'm looking to produce gin using 86% NGS. My plan is to cut that to 30-40%, and run with my botanicals in a basket. I'm planning an RO/UV water system for final proofing and bottling, but can I get away with using city water when charging the still?



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I would avoid water rich in chlorine. Chlorine works as a disinfectant because of the way it reacts with organic matter. Needless to say it will react with your spirit.

You can boil water or aerate it at a warm temperature to get rid of most of the chlorine, but this is energy consuming.

You can get rid of chlorine through a two step chemical reaction: First adding vitamin C, which will turn the chlorine into HCl - and then reacting that with sodium hydroxide, which will turn it to sodium chloride and dehydroascorbic acid. Be aware that you have to watch the stoichometry of this reaction closely, as excess ascorbic acid or sodium hydroxide will react with your spirit in ways potentially unwanted.

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