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Hello ADI community,

I'm Wes Andrews, logged in here under my business name: Town Crier Copywriting. I'm a freelance writer and communications guy.

I write the company blog for Trysk Print Solutions (trysk.com/blog). When I heard about this online forum, I thought it might be a good resource to solicit story ideas and comments.

Don't worry, I won't be spamming you with blog posts, I'm here to learn more about distilling and to generate material.

For example:

This month we'll be writing about the recent boom in bourbon production. Has your distillery recently decided to make bourbon, or more bourbon? What's driving your decision-making?

If you'd like to be quoted in our upcoming post, please leave a comment here! Or we can arrange a Skype interview if you'd like to chat in more detail.


-Wes Andrews


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