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What is the function?

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Our company is in process of purchasing a new still. Three different places have now advertised their "storage tanks underneath the columns" feature. The stills have two or three large towers with columns on them and below each column there are these storage tanks attached with either a little peak-hole or manhole. I believe the first two tanks are to be filled with water. I realize this is a little vague, but I cannot find out a definitive name for this feature to more accurately describe them.

1. Is there a name for these tanks?

2. What is the function of them?

Any advice is much appreciated.



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If it is what I am thinking, it is a tank where your hot exhaust water goes from your condenser/dephigmator. This hot water is then pumped through the stills CIP after you dump your spent mash to clean the still before your next run. This is what my Kothe does. The site windows are to be able to see when it is full and empty.

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Hey John,

The first two storage tanks are used for storaging water to clean the still.The last storage tank is used for storaging spirits.

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