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Hi all! I'm a little new to this site. I've been lurking for a few months but you can learn only so much doing that so it's time to jump in the mash tub. I am in the process of working on a business plan and finding resources. I've also been to the TTB site and immersed myself in it somewhat. Distribution is one area I've not looked at much yet but it's coming. Like others here I have hopes and dreams of making distilled spirits or as we call it in these parts, Likker.

These parts I'm referring to is western North Carolina. There is still likker flowing in these mountains but I would like to make it without having to hide in the woods or worry about a raid. I've not made any but have had my share of the good and the bad. The funny thing is when you get it, they all say it's the best around. The tastes have ranged form diesel to smooth as silk likker with no chaser needed. I've done more reading than anything, mostly about moonshine specifically as that is the regional flavor and my favorite. There are some off the shelf brands of whisky I like but nothing hits my pallet like korn likker. As momma always said," You like what you like!" The moonshiners have if anything provided me with the inspiration to contribute to this renaissance of likker but put myself in a position to do it with respect to the craft and the consumers (don't want to blind anyone). When it's all said and done it is your name on the product and you only have one to ruin.

I hope not to be a bother as many on here are advanced in the craft, but you have to crawl before you can walk and I feel the only dumb question is one not asked. I will however try to find the find the answer before I ask the question in the forum.

nuff said bout me.


Korn Likker

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